Companies that want to keep up with the frenetic pace of today’s business world require proper tax planning to manage and organize their investments and business transactions properly, whether they take place domestically or internationally, to optimize their overall tax savings within the confines of the tax regulations and framework that are currently in place.

It is of the utmost importance to have a solid understanding of various tax incentive programs or exemptions available, such as the group relief system, tax permissible deductions in regions with double tax deduction advantages, and other tax incentives. With this newfound information, we can advise better business owners and other decision-makers on planning tax-efficient actions that will ultimately maximize the firm’s earnings.

Know Your Tax Benefits

Our firm's experience over the years with a multitude of clients has helped us develop customised solutions within the ambit and framework of the Tax Laws, which has assisted our clients in obtaining optimal tax solutions. As a result of this experience, our firm has been able to help our clients receive optimal tax solutions.

Income Tax Rate

Companies are taxed at a flat rate of 17% of their chargeable income.

Tax Exemption

Tax exemption such as Tax Exemption Scheme for New Start-up Companies and Partial Tax Exemption Scheme for Companies are available to companies but not to sole proprietorships.

Group Tax Structure

In Singapore, the tax loss incurred by one group member may be passed on to the other members of the group to be used as a tax deduction for those members. This helps to ensure that the group as a whole receives the most significant possible tax advantage.

Foreign Sourced Income

Any income generated in a country other than Singapore that is brought into Singapore is subject to taxes. Through proper tax planning, a company may be able to lower the amount of possible tax burden that they are responsible for.

Our Tax Advisory and Compliance Services include the following

  • Tax planning services for companies and individuals
  • Preparation of tax computation
  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns for companies and individuals
  • Request for Tax Clearance Certificates
  • GST registration, preparation and filing GST returns
  • Preparation of deferred tax computation
  • Advice on other related tax matters

Corporate Tax Services



    No revenue / total assets below S$10,000

    Filing Form C-S
    Preparation of income tax computation


    Revenue below S$2 million
    without Fixed Assets

    Filing Form C-S / Form C
    Preparation of income tax computation
    ECI Filing


    Revenue below S$5 million
    with Fixed Assets

    Filing Form C
    Preparation of income tax computation
    ECI Filing
  • PRO


    Complicated eg. revenue above S$5 million or consolidation, etc

    Filing Form C
    Preparation of income tax computation
    ECI Filing

Our company is equipped with some of the most experienced and well-equipped accountants and CAs. It means you have access to accurate accounting procedures and reports.


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