ZE Accounting Services website ‘Did you struggle’ resonated. It described the situation I was facing. I was very new to the idea of being a business owner. Finances is not an area of my passion or proficiency, and there were too many learning curves. I hesitated to send a message via the chat box on the website. The chat soon moved to Whatsapp and I was relieved to know that I wasn’t talking to a bot or a faceless account – there was a real person ‘talking’ to me on the other end. With a few key questions, Zen helped me pin-point the service I urgently needed. He also guided me to understand where I made mistakes in the files I sent over. He guided me in sharing with him key information so that he can help me with the corrections. All these were done over text messaging. Even though we did not speak in person, I felt much supported and encouraged. The draft report was delivered on time. The quality of the work further affirmed the value of engaging ZE’s services. I look forward to further working with Zen and team for the next financial year.